Flooring Underlays and Insulation

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Wood floor underlay and insulation

Wood floor underlay and insulation is available in a variety of forms. Our underlay selection spans two main types of flooring underlay.

Fibre boards are good for use on uneven flooring. Fibre boards are also good for use with laminate wood flooring and real wood flooring. Provide great insulation smd noise reduction.

Fibre board underlay is a great choice for lamiate flooring and real wood flooring. Our underlay boards are high quality, strong and sturdy adhesive boards with no glue required.

  Underlay boards reduce noise acoustic flooring underlay has great noise reduction properties.

Wood floor underlay is essential accompaniment to any wood floor since underlay helps reduce noise and corrects small surface imperfections in the laying surface and stop moisture build up

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Metallized Foam Underlay and insulation

Metallized Foam Underlay is inexpensive moisture resistant underlay and when used in conjunction with aluminium tape will provides excellent prevention against damp due to moisture build up.

Offering great thermal insulation and moisture protection properties

Underlay Installation

How to Lay Wood Flooring Underlay

Wood flooring underlay is seen more of a necessity than an ‘optional’ purchase these days. Not only does it provide significant sound dampening qualities on hardwood floors but also helps to insulate the surrounding area. In addition, the physical barrier created by the underlay provides comprehensive protection from dampness rising from the subfloor to new wooden flooring

So, now you know the benefits of flooring underlay, how do you install it?

Step 1

1-copySweep/vacuum any dirt, dust or other loose contaminants from the area where you are laying your underlay. Also, any loose floorboards must be nailed down and protruding nails should be replaced or hammered in properly. Not doing so will create unevenness when laying the underlay and reduce its effectiveness.

Step 2

2-copyWhen measuring and laying your underlay, you must make sure you leave a 5mm excess to run up the wall. Remember you can cut down, but you can’t add on once you start taping your underlay.

Step 3

3-copyOnce the underlay covers the desired area, use single-sided carpet tape to secure all the joints and press firmly into place.

Step 4

4-copyLay your wood flooring. Trim the underlay to the top of the wood floor and fit any accessories such

Underlay Facts

  1. Reduces floor noise and enhances insulation of new floor
  2. Takes out uneven parts of the subfloor
  3. Help to protect against risidual dampness from the subfloor
  4. Quality underlay inhances the walking pleasure of new floor

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Underlay Range


                          2mm acoustic - m2                                2mm acoustic, thermal & foil barrier - m2                         3mm acoustic & full moisture barrier - m2


                            3mm acoustic,thermal & full moisture barrier - m2                                       5mm acoustic,thermal & full moisture barrier - m2


    1.8mm acoustic for in-screed underfloor heating                   3mm adhesive topped for real woodfloor application     3mm acoustic for use with woodfloor adhesive


                                                                 6mm Fibre/Leveller  Boards - £ pack                           20m2 Independant Vapour Barrier - £ pack