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Laminate flooring types

Laminate flooring comes in many different types and styles. Part of the appeal of laminate flooring is in the selection of different flooring styles you can imitate.

  • Hardwood Laminate: From standard woods like pine to exotics like Brazilian cherry, laminate can offer the appearance of all the most popular hardwoods.
  • Stone Laminate: You can get the look of slate, marble, and more with laminate floors.
  • Tile Laminate: With special textures and colors for different types of tile, you can get a gorgeous look without the high prices of real tile.

What is Laminate flooring?

Quick-Step is a laminate floor. The base of a Quick-Step floor is a watertight, glued HDF board(High Density Fibre Board). This is covered with a design layer and a transparent overlay against wear and tear. Underneath, a barrier layer stops rising damp and prevents the boards from deforming

The design layer is a photo of wood or tiles that is printed on paper. This paper is submerged in melamine resin. This is covered with a very strong and transparent protective layer. The melamine layers are pressed on the HDF board in a press, under high pressure and temperature. In addition, a wood or tile structure is also pressed into the top layer. For example, the oak designs have a wood texture that coincides exactly with the wood pattern. The highly refined printing technique means that you can hardly tell the difference between the photo and real wood. So you can have a "wooden floor" in your home without sacrificing valuable trees. In addition, you don't have to worry about the disadvantages of a wooden floor. There's a Quick-Step laminate floor for every budget; they are easy and fast to install (yourself) and easy to maintain.

Laminate Surfaces

When it comes to laminate floors, how they feel is just as important as how they look. As you browse the different types of surface textures for laminate floors, keep in mind that much of your comfort relies on the floor's underlayment.

  • Embossed: A raised surface pattern that is created by applying heat and pressure to the laminate.
  • Smooth: Ideal for laminate floors made to resemble materials like stone or marble, smooth laminate flooring offers a texture–free surface.
  • Wood–grain: This type of laminate flooring emulates the texture of wood–grain and can be made to resemble hand–scraped planks, aged wood floors, and more.
  • Distressed: Made to resemble old, well–used floors in look and feel, distressed laminate floors offers a lived–in look to newer spaces.
  • Patina: To create the appearance of a patina, a thin layer of paint is applied to an embossed laminate floor surface and then wiped away, leaving paint in the indented spaces.

Abrasion Class (AC) Rating for Laminate Floors

Make sure your laminate floors can handle the anticipated amount of indoor foot traffic by checking it's AC Rating. The AC Rating classifies laminate floors by the expected amount of traffic, or use.

  • AC1 Moderate Residential: These laminate floors will only stand up to light residential use, and are best for locations like closets or bedrooms.
  • AC2 General Residential: Able to handle moderate foot traffic and can be used in most residential spaces such as dining rooms or living rooms.
  • AC3 Heavy Residential/Moderate Commercial: Fine for every room in the house including high–traffic rooms and commercial spaces with light traffic (i.e. small offices or hotel rooms).
  • AC4 General Commercial: Suitable for all residential uses as well as more heavily trafficked commercial spaces like offices, cafes, and boutiques.
  • AC5 Heavy Commercial: Recommended only for commercial use in high–traffic spaces like department stores and public buildings.

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We offer a comprehensive range of Ilford flooring, from economic to top quality laminates, premium engineered flooring, and natural solid timber. We have solutions to cater for any flooring requirements, with engineered wood floors, through to solid timber flooring, floor tiles, and laminates.

Our selection of Ilford flooring includes products suitable for a wide range of applications in the home, office, commercial environments and public buildings.

All our Ilford flooring is selected for its high quality and durability, and comes with a minimum 10 year domestic warranty for peace of mind.

All Ilford flooring is available ex-stock and is usually delivered with in 10 days, please contact us to check availability.

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Ilford Flooring Accessories

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