22mm Engineered Oak Flooring Suppliers Chadwell Heath 01708 760009

22mm Engineered Oak Flooring Suppliers Chadwell Heath 01708 760009

Romford Flooring in Hornchurch Essex supplied best priced wood flooring and even Quickstep Laminate for every budget.

All Floors has a great range of flooring in Hornchurch Essex. Our Wood Flooring range includes Engineered wood flooring, Solid wood flooring and all our flooring come with manufacture warranties.  

Wood Flooring is very beautiful and our engineered wood flooring is quality flooring. Luxary Solid Wood Flooring is a beautiful choice for your home. Real Wood flooring will make a real difference to your home. If you choose Engineered, Solid Wood or even Laminate Flooring with Romford Flooring your going to get a great looking floor for your home.

At all floors we supply rustic Balterio Laminate flooring which looks Italian rustic. Balterio Laminate in Romford looks get in your home. We can supply Balterio flooring to Hornchurch, Upminster, Elm Park and Romford. Balterio flooring is a great option if your looking for wide groove laminate flooring that makes your house look warm and inviting.

 Quickstep Laminate is our premium Laminate wood flooring range in Hornchurch. Quickstep flooring comes in a huge range of colours and styles to suit everyone’s taste. It has a great look and feel in your home. Our Romford flooring shop is located at 91 Park Lane, Hornchurch, Essex. Come see us in Hornchurch and look get our great range of Quickstep flooring. Quickstep is a high quality wood flooring product. Quickstep claim to fame is their patent quickstep locking system.  

With all wood flooring products, you will need a good quality underlay for your new  Wood or Laminate flooring. We can supply you with expert knowledge and advice you on the best Underlay to go with your new wood flooring in Hornchurch. Come see us in Hornchurch Essex and we can talk you through a total solution including underlay, fitting and the floor price. All Floors in Romford offer a full fit and supply service that includes measuring your home floor. Helping you choose the right wood flooring for your needs including wood flooring samples that you can take home a compare.

All floors Romford flooring will provide a full fit and supply service including visiting your home and measuring the floor area so that you do not over or under order. This can save you time and money in the long run. With dealing with internet sites it mainly guess work as to how much flooring you will need for your needs. These websites do not have real  people to talk to or location if things go wrong.

Take the risk out of the internet and come to Romford flooring in Hornchurch where we can help you select a great looking floor including all underlay, beading, flooring and fitting. A total wood flooring solution at All floors, Hornchurch Essex.

All floors can supply a great Engineered flooring range for every budget and taste to suit Oak Lacquered Engineered 1-Strip flooring. Oak Lacquered Engineered 3-Strip, Oak Oiled Engineered 1-Strip, Oak Oiled Engineered 3-Strip, Walnut Engineered 1-Strip and Walnut Engineered 3-Strip.

All Floors in Romford newest innovation in Wood flooring is Bespoke wood flooring. Now Oak flooring can be coloured, oiled in a complex process to imitate walnut, ash, dark coloured, distressed wood flooring.                         



Engineered flooring from Romford Flooring comes with manufacture warranty.  Romford flooring engineered flooring is constructed with the best natural wood flooring products to produce a strong and manageable wood flooring that looks and behaves like real wood flooring through complex gluing of several wood plies together. All Floors engineered flooring is finished with 6mm quality real wood layer.

This gluing process makes the engineered wood flooring strong and removes the disadvantages of real wood flooring. Mainly that real wood flooring is living breathing product that expands and contracts with changing weather. Having a hardwood finish layer glued on top of the centre core and with the engineered flooring having another softer wood ply attached underneath the core. This method of constructing the engineered flooring gives the engineered flooring its great stability and it is this stability in the engineered flooring that allows the floor to be fitted as a floating floor directly onto a concrete base or directly onto timber sub floors.

All floors can supply a great range of engineered flooring to suit every budget. Plus we have a great range of bespoke engineered flooring. This means our oak engineered flooring comes in a range of colours and styles to suit everyone’s taste for a great price.

Bespoke engineered flooring is truly to future of wood flooring and now in Romford you can see our new full range of Bespoke engineered oak wood flooring. Truly wonderful stuff.

Engineered wood flooring comes in many different finishes including oak, beech, ash, maple and walnut real wood.

Our Stained oak collection is wonderful wood flooring product. You will get all the benefits of real wood flooring including real natural looks and feel of natural wood flooring in the colour look and feel that you want. Romford flooring can help you find the right looking wood flooring for your needs. Bespoke engineered oak wood flooring is the future of flooring.

Another key feature of engineered flooring is that it is good flooring for under floor heating systems. Whatever type of wood flooring you choose with All Floors in Romford. We recommend Engineered flooring to our local customers in Hornchurch. It is the very best of wood aspect of flooring with out any of the disadvantages. Engineered flooring comes in a range of colours, stains, lacquers to suit person taste. All Floors in Romford can offer you a great deal on wood flooring. Our prices are good.

All floors in Romford stock a full range real wood flooring including engineered oak, rustic, distressed, darker colour wood, light colour wood, elka rustic, goodfellow oak. We supply a full range of flooring including lacquered and oiled wood finishes.